Kuchenhimmel (2018)

Kuchenhimmel (2018)



In Kuchenhimmel, a bakery, two love stories are in focus: Aurealia and Isidor's – longtime friends – and Emilia and Rami's – primary school teachers. The spectator will witness how their relationships reach the next stage. A love cookie serves as a catalyst here. Maria, Aurelia's co-worker, embodies a kind of love goddes, who gives people a gentle nudge in the right direction.



The impression that basic principles of our solidary value society are being unhinged, that everything is descending into chaos, and that most people are moving on a constant course of confrontation, while still having a sense of optimism, was what prompted A Special Chalmskinn Production to counter these developments with something positive by making this movie.



director/film editor: petr eremin
director of photography: benjamin büttner
screenplay: thomas gerlach
sound mixer: andre klar
gaffer: ludwig hart
make-up artist: stefanie schmidt
composer original music: julian pešek & lisa-marthe trittmacher
still photographer: christian zabel
location manager: katja seifert
executive producer/line producer: thomas gerlach



rebecca lara müller
rebecca hammermüller
benjamin ahlmeyer
bella enderlein
hasan abdulla
maria müller
lilly schwope
julian scharmacher


Length film: 8min